projet immobilier neuf e-maprod
projet immobilier neuf e-maprod
projet immobilier neuf e-maprod
projet immobilier neuf e-maprod

Develop Expertise Support

  • Develop

    e-maprod has designed and built real estate projects in Belgium and other countries for 20 years. We control each step of the process and build as if for our own personal use to create the ideal living environment for our investors and renters. We focus on neighbourhoods that reflect our values to develop a more human, friendly, agreeable and safer city.

  • Expertise

    We have expertise in every area of the real estate developer profession, including its legal, urban planning, architectural, technical and commercial aspects. It’s the foundation on which we build a positive working relationship with our suppliers, partners and customers.
    This expertise also provides a guarantee that work will be carried out flawlessly and, as a result, ensures your peace of mind.

  • Support

    Purchasing a property is a major adventure for both first-time buyers and experienced investors.
    That’s why our teams are committed to providing you with the best possible support from the outset until the time you receive your keys.
    This high-quality relationship is one of the keys to our success and one of the main reasons why our customers and our partners are loyal to us.

projet immobilier neuf e-maprod
projet immobilier neuf e-maprod

Who are we ?

For us, it all starts with an idea, a concept.

Just as an artisan pours all of his talent and skill into the objects he creates, each of our projects is a unique product, the result of our audacity and verve combined with the rigour and experience we bring to the job. These are the values that define our brand.

We move forward, not by abandoning the past, but by constantly calling it into question in order to keep abreast of changing needs and techniques.

We are able to successfully realize our projects thanks to the help and support of visionary architects, seasoned professionals and the finest artisans, all united in the pursuit of originality and perfection.

In Belgium and France, we invite you to discover the projects that are a daily source of such pride for us.