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    BBR Belgique wishes to respect the intellectual property rights of third parties at all times. Rights holders may inform BBR Belgique at any time if they believe that BBR Belgique or a user of BBR Belgique’s services has ignored his or her rights. These notices can be sent by email to the following address:

    In this regard, please clearly mention the content that would be protected by an intellectual property right and the URL of the information on the Website that would constitute an offence, as well as sufficient contact information allowing us to contact you (address, email address, phone number).



    The prices displayed on the Site are not definitive and may be revised at any time by BBR Belgique. The site is only updated on an ad hoc basis and it is possible that the prices communicated by our agents may differ from the prices displayed on the Site. For more information, call +32 (0)2 218 14 64. Cost of a local call from a landline (Belgium).



    Where necessary, BBR Belgique provides hypertext links to other websites. BBR Belgique, however, does not check the lawfulness of the content of these sites and cannot, except in the event of grave or intentional error on its part, be held responsible for the services or information provided on these sites. BBR Belgique will withdraw within a reasonable time, and as quickly as possible, any link to illicit content from the moment when it was notified of this unlawfulness and when it seems reasonable to consider that content to be unlawful.

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    None of the stipulations of the Conditions can have the effect of excluding or limiting BBR Belgique’s liability for serious or intentional error.

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    Given the electronic communication method used by BBR Belgique, it is up to users to take the necessary steps to ensure that their mailbox settings will not reject BBR Begique’s messages and to regularly check, where appropriate, their “junk” folder (or “spam”, or any other equivalent denomination), some programmes storing unknown emails in this folder by default. BBR Belgique will in no way be held responsible if, after sending an email message, this message, for reasons beyond the control of BBR Belgique, does not reach its intended recipient.



    BBR Belgique does not undertake to provide continuous, uninterrupted and secure access to its Site. BBR Belgique also reserves the right to interrupt, at any time and without prior notice, access to its Site, particularly in case of risk of abuse or fraud or in order to carry out maintenance operations or to make improvements or modifications. BBR Belgique will do all that is reasonably possible to limit the duration of such interruptions and to inform users of the duration of such interruptions. Without prejudice to additional damages, BBR Belgique also reserves the right to prohibit, at any time and without prior notice, access to any part of the Site to persons covered by the following reasons: non-compliance with these Conditions, use of the Site for any purpose that is unlawful or contrary to morality or to the integrity, security or reputation of the Site and BBR Belgique.



    These Conditions and any dispute between the parties are exclusively governed and interpreted by Belgian law.

    In case of dispute, only the francophone courts of Brussels will have jurisdiction.



    The parties expressly agree that if one or more of the provisions of these Conditions are declared null and void, the said Conditions and its commitments will remain valid in their entirety, excluding the litigious provision(s).

    The parties also agree that any provisions that may be declared null and void shall remain valid by operation of law to the extent of what is permissible according to the regulations in force, including the jurisprudence of the courts. In consequence, in the event of dispute, they will be reduced by right to the level admitted by said regulation by the judge.

    Where a reduction proves impossible, for example because the provision concerned is invalid in its essence, the parties undertake to replace it with an effective clause as close as possible to the annulled clause.